Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Legacy of the First Blade – honest game review by Charles

assaisn odysey game review

As the initial part of the initial batch of article launching Content for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Legacy of the First Blade: Hunted is a brief, uncomplicated dose of just a few of what makes Odyssey really good. Though it does not do anything especially new, Hunted doubles down on the behind the scenes shadow syndicate arrangement that made choosing off the Cult of Kosmos throughout the Ancient Greek world thus pleasurable and introduces a great negative character. Hunted is a great starting point for a much bigger plot which was just alluded to at the base game. Whilst the absence of an Assassin’s Brotherhood subplot in Odyssey never bothered me, this debut of a well known Persian figure from that lore – and his backstory – is intriguing enough to make me wish to continue filling in these openings after the Hunted’s three-to-five hour time is over.

With new allies must come new antagonists. Aside from its introduction from Assassin’s Creed Origins is the Order of the Historical – which, in case you are keeping score at home, finally evolves to the Templar Order. It functions similarly to the Cult of Kosmos, with its own network of masked figures that must be investigated, discovered, and removed one by one. Since this is only the first 3rd of the complete downloadable content, this web is pretty small, focusing exclusively on one division known as the Hunters, which supplies a scant seven targets. I completely anticipate more branches of the Order of the Ancient to come out from the woodwork in episodes two and three.

But, Hunted does pose one of the more fascinating and unforgettable villains in the Odyssey, and that is because he presents as much of a psychological threat as a physical one to Alexios or Kassandra. Listening to his ghostly disembodied voice bothers me about all the people I’ve murdered in a bid to be a hero has me excited to see what’s new personalities Ubisoft has in store down the line. The conclusion of the episode happens orange forests of the Macedonia region from the gorgeous, fiery bright orange forests of the Macedonia region. Even though it is a large piece of land, apart from a mission where you briefly get to the sea you will never leave it, which may be unsatisfactory if you have already scoured it like that I had. Beyond the story and character, Hunted does add some new weapons and armor to collect, but not much that changes the gameplay to any interesting degree. The exception being a brand new skill from stealth tree called death veil which enhances quality-of-life so you have assassinated disappear. It is a useful hint which improves quality-of-life thus you are a stealthy approach, which should make fans of older Assassin’s Creeds promote a stealthy approach, which should make fans of older Assassin’s Creeds joyful.


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