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creative destruction review

Creative Destruction from Titan Studio is the classic sandbox survival game. Land on a map with 100 other players, and fight to the death in the battle of Royale kind of gameplay. It isn’t a brand new concept by all means, but it is a popular concept – so we decided to give it a try. Whenever you load up to the very first time, you will jump directly into the tutorial. Your guide, Hammer, walks you throughout the very first time you begin a map. You’ve got the option to skip all this, but we’d advise you to stay with it – it’s really beneficial and gives you the tips you’ll need throughout the game, plus it only takes 3-5 minutes.

Once you’ve finished the tutorial, you will head to the main menu screen. You can see your gold, chat with some other players in the lobby, do daily missions and much more. If we are being sincere, it was quite overwhelming with regards to the options, however, once we had been experienced in the game we learned how to navigate the menu screen immediately. The control system is relatively standard, with two virtual joysticks – the left one moving you around, along with the right one changing your view. There is also the option to change your view from 3rd person to the first person.

We preferred the 3rd person view, but it’s good to have the option. Thus far, so great. If you have played other sandbox crafting games, then you will be acquainted with the game’s goals. Remain alive in a map stuffed with your peers, armed just with the weapons you pick up. The map closes in – Creative Destruction uses a blizzard to make that cleverly – therefore just hiding and hoping to survive everybody else simply will not work. Chests also appear through the map where one can collect various items, and weapons, to make your progress smoother. When the level is over, there is a cool presentation where you are set on a large base and given that an award based on the ability you showed off in the last level.

Being seasoned gamers, we really managed to acquire the map on our very first move. Loading times were rather quick, the map is simple to navigate and targeting players is straightforward enough – this is an area we have struggled with on comparable games however it worked perfectly this time. There is a good choice of weapons, our favorite was the AK-47, but there are lots to pick up in the chests scattered around the map, as well as from enemies – we never ran out of ammo or undergone any difficulties. You can construct bastions in order to guard yourself, but we did not take great advantage of this attribute and preferred to rampage, Rambo design throughout the map eliminating all and everybody we stumbled upon.


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