Mad Rocket: Fog of War – game review

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With regards to base fighting games, there are lots out there to get your attention. But with Mad Rocket: Fog of War, programmer Ratatat Studios has taken a somewhat different route from everybody else by covering its foundations with a heavy layer of fog – concealing them from prying eyes and adding another dimension to your attack plans. We discovered Mad Rocket: Fog of War quite easy to pick up, with a detailed tutorial showing you how to progress past the first couple of minutes of gameplay and a very helpful guide which gives you tips throughout. It is basically two game styles in one.

Not only do you need to build a defensible base, but in addition, you need to master the way to attack your enemies from the clock. Both elements are enjoyable and well designed – particularly the attacking part, in which you get to see some pretty epic explosions close up. The graphics actually improve the experience. They have a slightly cartoony edge to them – that is odd to say when you are speaking about mass destruction – but they’re absolutely rendered, even whenever you zoom right in. There is something really thrilling about sending in multiple strikes at once when you are about to finish a battle and viewing as the screen turns into a fiery cloud of death.

As you hit level 5 you will have the ability to begin facing real-world players in matched conflicts up to earn gold, gemstone, and parts to improve your weapon. This is where the game really starts to become a lot of fun. You will work on your attack strategy – and also do not be surprised if you frequently have to change your strategies throughout the 90-second struggles. And here’s a top tip – ensure you do not allow your airplane to be shot down before they’ve set up their paratroopers. We lost a number of conflicts because of this supervision, as our troopers never reached the base on which they were supposed to be attacking.

Some of our best struggles were against enemies that had an unorthodox foundation layout – which makes it tricky to get the HQ and for that reason very tricky to know exactly what and where to attack first. The clock is still running, and it is fatal to waste time trying to find choices and it was tricky to see where we top priority targets which never appear. We also had a small problem with placing buildings at our base – our hands were covering the tick/cross options and it was hard to understand where we can drop a construction without some intense dexterity.

That’s not to say the game is not well designed. We found it easy to get into the fight and launch strikes – that is the principal part of the game anyway. It’s some of the finest explosions we have seen at a game of its style on mobile, which is a testament to the care the developers have taken with Mad Rocket: Fog of War. There is a good deal of detail from the game.


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