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game review rise of civilization

Running an empire is about more than simply throwing your weight around in nations on the other side of the planet. You’ve also got to keep things ticking over in your home, investing the spoils of war in enhancing the lives of your very own people. That is was the essence of Julius Caesar’s weekly to-do list and it is also the essence of Rise of Civilizations, an enormous Strategy MMO from programmer Lilith Games. You begin off by selecting from eight Unique civilizations: Rome, Spain, Great Britain, France, Germany, China, Japan, and Korea. Once you have done this, you are given a little-walled town to cultivate.

Everything pivots around your town hall. As you upgrade this building you get access to other building types, although the relationship is round Since you can just upgrade your town hall once you have got your other buildings up to a certain level. These other buildings comprise the typical selection: farm, barracks, archery range, lumber mill, academy, etc. Upgrades take time, whether that be a few seconds or a few hours. This would make for a few slow, not especially mobile-friendly gameplay or even for the speed-up system. As you complete quests and daily tasks you make these speed-up cards at pretty plentiful numbers, and you may use them pretty openly to simplify construction, training, and research times, enabling you to get a whole lot done in one short playing session.

Naturally, there is more to running a town than this, but these are the basics. It is time to take a broader view. Lilith Games is somewhat boldly proud that Rise of Civilizations has infinite zoom, attribute. Although this is obviously impossible, there is no denying that the scale of the game is impressive. You’ve to pinch your fingers together an amazing amount of times before you are zoomed all the way out, and even then you can swipe to scroll to various regions of the map. There are 9 in all, covering tens of thousands of square km of in-game territory, most of it covered in a blanket of fog.

This territory is divided up into areas and separated by mountains, with passes enabling you to travel between them. We cannot start to figure how long it’d take you to uncover the entire map. You roll back the fog of war by sending scouts and dispatching troops. As you uncover the map you will discover, croplands, logging camps, barbarian forts, groups of wandering barbarians, cities, temples, and a lot more, it all presenting you with options: raid or prevent, harvest or fight?  As with real statecraft, your military is critically important to predicting your power and influence. You grow this military by training and recruiting troops and archers, and by constructing siege weapons on your workshop. And you control it with the commanders.


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