Truck Simulation 19 – Have you ever wished to drive a lorry?

truck simulator game review

Have you ever wished to drive a lorry?  Me neither. In real life, it looks like a kind of a drag, with endless tedious hours behind the wheel, accented by greasy rest stop sandwich and nights on an uncomfortable mattress at a lay-by.

But, like so many things, it can make perfect sense as a video game. In the digital universe, you are free to enjoy the spectacle of the open road and the bracing challenge of directing a car the size of a blue whale without any one of the downsides. Truck Simulation 19 is the most recent trucking simulator to get on the application shops, and it comes to us due to sim pro astragon.

Place in the united states, the spiritual house of the trucks sees you traveling from location to place, collecting cargo here, dropping off it there, earning money, and finally enlarging your haulage empire across North America. As you’re free to research, there are campaign missions to assist you to get started. At the first, you reconnect with what seems like a former girlfriend who wants your help.

Following an icy exchange, you agree to do the work for her, and from there the story gradually builds. First things first. Truck driving sims may take a little getting used to. While most driving games – or games normally, for that matter – revel in misbehavior, Truck Simulation 19 motivates you to drive responsibly.

In the end, your constant objective is to make money, and each time you collide with another vehicle or violate the speed limit for far too long you wind up paying a fine. Each time you carelessly smash your truck in a barrier or collide with a wall whilst trying a label through the grass verge you inflict harm which costs money to repair.

This has the effect of turning responsible driving into a rewarding challenge. The money you fritter away on roadside recoveries and avoidable penalties, the more you can spend on your progress. Including purchasing new trucks, unlocking new pieces of America, and make a large number of adjustments on your car, inside and out.

Finally, you will also be capable to purchase new depots across the nation, that has the effect of starting up new jobs and also giving you fast travel spots. America is a large country, so these really are crucial.

The missions you complete for the campaign inject a welcome dose of drama into proceedings, and finally run out of money normally finally run out of money. On the other hand, the jobs which you may take on are considerably more receptive. While there is always a GPS path to follow, you may always take another path after consulting the map.

In reality, you do not finally run out of money in any way, however, you’ll finally run out of money. The same as in real life. However, what about the actual driving?  Truck Simulation 19 does not just simulate the professional experience of a US trucker, but additionally the physical driving bit.


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